Ramsay is centrally located in the southeastern portion of Calgary. It is close to Elbow River and Bow River and is divided by Spiller Road. Ramsay is coined from the name of William Thomas Ramsay, a land agent and a real estate property owner. Real estate housing market in Ramsay was developed in the year 1800s by Wesley Fletcher and his partners.

When the communities Burnsland, Brewery Flats, Grandview, and Mills Estate got united it resulted into the community formation of the community of Ramsay we know today. In 2019, with an average price of Ramsay real estate listings sitting at $599,859 there were 29 single family homes that were sold.

houses for sale in ramsayThere are a wide variety of homes in the community that is divided into the eastern portion where it is full of older homes and the western counterpart that is full of modernized homes that is recently added. The western side of Ramsay is blessed with breathtaking views of the mountains and downtown Calgary. It truly is a peaceful and relaxing community since it is away from the liveliness of the downtown communities in Calgary. This neighborhood has great parks, fitness centers, and playgrounds for residents to enjoy and it is also known as a neighborhood full of creativity and artistry.  Houses for sale in Ramsay are a wide variety of style choices with predominantly country style.

Runners, joggers, and bikers love to exercise along the pathways of Bow River. Children and adults can visit the city zoo and encounter different animals and interact with some of them and it is quite accessible as it is only two kilometers away. When you want to wine and dine, there are some facilities around the neighborhood where you can go and visit. This neighborhood has many infill developments to replace older homes with modernized versions. The community association holds a competition for the best architectural design ideas where residents can submit their best work. You can also see murals around the neighborhood as they have a beautification committee who paints around the area. In order to have a greener community, the Forever Green Tree planting program is implemented which boosts cooperation of residents into planting trees around the neighborhood. A boot sale is an event and open for all residents in which they can sell their used items. There are also plenty of schools to choose from. 


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