Author: Frank Perez

Ramsay Community Near Calgary Alberta Canada

Ramsay is centrally located in the southeastern portion of Calgary. It is close to Elbow River and Bow River and is divided by Spiller Road. Ramsay is coined from the name of William Thomas Ramsay, a land agent and a real estate property owner. Real estate housing market in Ramsay was developed in the year 1800s by Wesley Fletcher and his partners.

When the communities Burnsland, Brewery Flats, Grandview, and Mills Estate got united it resulted into the community formation of the community of Ramsay we know today. In 2019, with an average price of Ramsay real estate listings sitting at $599,859 there were 29 single family homes that were sold.

houses for sale in ramsayThere are a wide variety of homes in the community that is divided into the eastern portion where it is full of older homes and the western counterpart that is full of modernized homes that is recently added. The western side of Ramsay is blessed with breathtaking views of the mountains and downtown Calgary. It truly is a peaceful and relaxing community since it is away from the liveliness of the downtown communities in Calgary. This neighborhood has great parks, fitness centers, and playgrounds for residents to enjoy and it is also known as a neighborhood full of creativity and artistry.  Houses for sale in Ramsay are a wide variety of style choices with predominantly country style.

Runners, joggers, and bikers love to exercise along the pathways of Bow River. Children and adults can visit the city zoo and encounter different animals and interact with some of them and it is quite accessible as it is only two kilometers away. When you want to wine and dine, there are some facilities around the neighborhood where you can go and visit. This neighborhood has many infill developments to replace older homes with modernized versions. The community association holds a competition for the best architectural design ideas where residents can submit their best work. You can also see murals around the neighborhood as they have a beautification committee who paints around the area. In order to have a greener community, the Forever Green Tree planting program is implemented which boosts cooperation of residents into planting trees around the neighborhood. A boot sale is an event and open for all residents in which they can sell their used items. There are also plenty of schools to choose from. 


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A Budget Home: Buying a Property on Low Income

Normally, people with low income would rather buy other things than buy a home. It happens—you’d rather rent a home than buy one. But didn’t you stop and consider that it might be more expensive to rent a home rather than buy one?

If you have low income but you absolutely need a home, don’t be scared to ask for options. There are ways to buy a house even when on a budget.

1 – Fix your credit

Sometimes, bad credit can be owed to errors in your credit statement. This includes places where you have not lived in, names and accounts that are not yours, and so on. You should make sure that your credit score is in good standing before you are allowed to buy a home.

2 – Stick to a budget

If you want to prove that you can buy a home, you’re going to have to show that you have the cash to back it up. You can do this by creating a certain limit to your budget and sticking to it. It’s the only way to prove that you’re keeping up with your credit, if there is one.

3 – Use a Low Income Home Loan

An easier way to buy homes on a budget is to get a low income loan for it. Loans like this make it easy for you to cope with the monthly payments that may come with the home. This makes it possible for you to keep from paying a hefty down payment to secure the home.

4 – Prepare the Down Payment

If, however, for some reason you’d want to stick with paying the down payment, you should be prepared to shoulder the cost. Loans and saving money from your budget are a good way of keeping money to pay for the down payment.

Buying a home on a low budget may be hard, but being prepared helps cut down the difficulty. It makes your search easier as well when you work within a budget.

Luxury and American Living: Gated Communities of the Rich and Powerful

There are gated communities that are within reach. It’s a comfortable thought that such gated communities can be available even for the common people. Then, there are the posh communities; gated communities that feature celebrities and people who are not like you or me.

These gated communities are where people aspire to be. Here are some of the most luxurious gated communities in the US.

Conyers Farm (Greenwich, Connecticut)

From when it was established in the 1980s until now, Conyers Farm has kept its elite status. A 1,500 rural acre property, it has green woods and a private lake for nature lovers. Houses here—which usually have private gates—are priced from around $6.5 to $19 million.

Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club (Boca Raton, Florida)

It’s not surprising to see a place that’s posh and fabulous be located in the heart of South Florida. As a yachting community, Royal Palm is among the top exclusive communities in the country. Homes here are priced from $800,000 to $20 million, with waterfront homeowners given the luxury of parking their yachts right in front of their homes.

Hillandale (Georgetown, Washington D.C.)

All 42 acres of Hillandale was once the stomping grounds of oil heiress Anne Archbold. However, it was re-purposed in the ‘80s to become a residential community that features a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a clubhouse. You can have a house here starting from $1.3 to $2.3 million.

Pomander Walk (Manhattan, NY)

It’s a secret pedestrian-only street right in the middle of the busiest state in the country. Originally a replica of a Chiswick district street in London, the homes here sell from $1.6 to $1.8 million. The walk fosters a quaint sense of community if you think about it.

These homes are a cut above the rest—posh and in locations that are quite disconnected from the noise of the modern world. These are great places to raise a family in and none would be more secure locations.

A Working Relationship: Good Stories about Gated Communities

There’s no question that people want only the best for their families. They will go to great lengths to get that, and that’s why they’re searching for gated communities.

Communities like this feature a lot of benefits for those lucky enough to live here. Security is already a given; the added walls and gates help keep people out, as well as crime, to a certain extent. You get a sense of neighborhood and community. You also get away from traffic once you’re inside the community.

While not everyone likes to live in a community like this, success stories make it very tempting to look for homes for sale in one.

Complete Amenities Completes You

The best thing about gated communities is that recreation is made within reach. If you want to swim, some gated communities have their own pool. Some even have their own tennis center or club house. What’s important here is that you have relaxation only a few blocks away.

When Security Works, It’s a Beauty

Security and privacy are important. A gated community with a 24-hour manned security gate as well as armed patrols might mean expensive dues. However, the added stability it gives your family, as well as any and all neighbors, cannot be replaced by just money.

Non-intrusive security is Even Better

Armed security may give people one of two things—the feeling of safety or the feeling of restlessness. However, if the security just goes on with their job and doesn’t meddle in non-security affairs of a gated community, it may be close to heaven. It will make you feel safe and relaxed at the same time.

When Neighbors get Along

When you live in a gate community, you can’t choose your neighbors. The people here may be the same people you meet outside if you lived in a suburb. However, if the people you live next to are accommodating, the choice of living in a gated community becomes just right.

Living in a gated community is a god-send. An added bonus, however, would be if things just come together to create a great experience for you as a homeowner.